Airconditioner Servicing:



We specialise in the following major services:

Midwall Split, Console and Window Wall units, Cassette and Under ceiling units, Hideaway units, Multi Split units


We follow suppliers recommendations that every air-conditioning unit should be serviced bi-annually. Annually and Monthly services can also be performed and information on this is readily available at our offices. A basic annual service includes the following:

All filters are removed, cleansed and re-installed, The condenser/s and evaporator coil/s will be chemically cleaned

The refrigerant gas pressures will be checked and topped up if required, units will be tested for efficiency.

We have a service department available that will contact each client to remind them that a annual service is needed on their air-conditioning units, thus giving our customers peace of mind that their aircon is well looked after.

Experienced technicians offer service and repairs on all makes and sizes of air conditioning equipment. Maintenance contracts are issued with each air conditioner purchased through AMBIENCE ONLINE, but are also available on request for any prior air conditioner installed.

Maintenance contracts ensure proper functioning of units which enable fewer breakdowns and longer lifespan of units. AMBIENCE ONLINE has full support regarding technical backup. Information directly from the supplier are always available and at any given time .

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