Alliance Pool Heat Pump: 10 Kw

Alliance Pool Heat Pump: 10 Kw


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Cost-Effective pool Heating:

Alliance pool heat pumps use refrigeration technology to extract heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the swimming pool.

Depending on the heat pump model as little as 0.7 – 2,9 kilowatts of electricity per hour to run the compressor and fan.

Heat Extraction

The fan circulates air through the evaporator air coil that acts as a heat collector. The liquid refrigerant in the evaporator air coil absorbs

the available heat from the ambient air.

Heat Intensification

The compressor then receives the warmed refrigerant and intensifies the heat. The intensely hot refrigerant is then pumped into the heat exchanger.

Heat Transfer

The heat from the hot refrigerant flowing inside the heat exchanger is then transferred to the pool water.


The refrigerant restarts the process and flows through the evaporator air coil to collect heat once again.

User-friendly ‘set-and-forget’ controls

With automatic start-up and shutdown as set by the user’s requirements, an Alliance heat pump is simplicity itself to operate.

Operates in all weathers

With an ambient operating range of –7 C to 35 C, the Alliance unit is unaffected by rain, snow or clouds. Automatic defrosting protection is built

in, and the unit can operate day or night as required. (A pool blanket is required to maintain constant year-round temperature)

Titanium heat-exchanger

An Alliance Heat Pump Pool Heater uses advanced corrosion-resistant titanium heat-exchanger technology ensuring maximum protection

against corrosion.

Eco-friendly R410A gas

Environmentally-friendly R410A gas is used in Alliance units, ensuring no pollution of the atmosphere.

Brands: Alliance
Type: Non-Inverter
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